If You’re Buying A Practice,
Take A Closer Look Before You Leap. 

For many doctors, buying a practice is the fulfillment of their dreams.
We have the proven experience to help you ensure that your dream becomes reality.

Evaluating every variable to identify the ideal practice for you.

Buying a practice is one of the most important decisions of your life, not just your career. It has enormous implications on you, your family and retirement. You are purchasing your future.

There are many factors which determine the suitability of a given practice for you including its location, physical condition, financials, growth potential, reputation, quality and longevity of staff… and more. We can help you to closely examine and carefully evaluate each of these factors to help you make the best possible decision for allowing you to practice the quality of medicine you desire, meet your financial goals and achieve the best work/life balance for you.

Finally, before lending you the money to make this purchase, every banker is going to ask you “How are you going to grow your business, make a profit and pay me back?” We will provide you with effective, fact-based answers to those questions.

What are you buying… really?

It’s critically important that you fully understand what you’re buying. Brokers and agents typically look at tax returns to evaluate a practice for you. But that’s not necessarily the complete picture, sometimes not by a long shot.

The Goal is Identifying the best practice and the right price for you.

Our company is the only one with the hands-on experience to uncover a practice’s true potential… or its hidden weaknesses.

We can show you how to operate a practice more efficiently, stop leaving money of the table, build revenue and increase profits BEFORE you buy it. That’s what makes us different. That is our promise to you.

Call Dr. Randy Carsch, DVM today!
He Will EARN Your Business!

We had Dr. Randy Carsch come into our practice yesterday for an analysis. We had sent him our practice info and he met with use for over 2 hours yesterday and I was very impressed and feel it was definitely worth money. After talking with the staff, he showed us some things that we were not doing and some things we could do better. He also gave me some information on what I need to do to make it happen.

Robert Judd, DVM