Buyer’s and Seller’s Be Aware – Eight Major Lease Items to Review

  • Will your lease ALLOW you to get credit from vendors to lease or purchase equipment and supplies?
  • Your landlord has defaulted on the mortgage and your building goes into foreclosure. YOUR lease has options which keep you financially fit.
  • Your contractor goes bust before the build-out is complete. You must hire a new contractor to finish the job, AND you hire an expert to make sure you do NOT pay for incomplete work. So now you can use your free rent period and build-out allowance for all the right reasons!!
  • Your contractor does sub-par work — your lease forces the contractor to make it right — NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!
  • Your landlord does NOT have the right to relocate you to a different, possibly inferior, space.
  • Your landlord does NOT have the right to deny the sale or sublease of your practice.
  • Your practice’s value is enhanced at sale because you have good renewal options.
  • Your landlord pays you the agreed-upon build-out allowance.

Your lease is more than an agreement of the rate and term. It is an operative agreement that, if well-negotiated, will offer protections such as these to you.

Do you have the knowledge to negotiate your lease? My team has negotiated over 300 leases.

Whether you are getting ready to sell your practice, renegotiating your lease (yes there is a way and a time to do this) or whether you are a start-up, my team can assist you!! Allow us to review the lease and negotiate the terms. My team has worked with buyers and sellers for over twenty years.

When you consider all your responsibilities of owning/operating your veterinary practice and the expertise and time necessary to negotiate a good lease and fulfill the practice broker’s responsibilities, it is easy to understand why doctors who hire a professional get better results!! Therefore, whether you are a buyer or a seller, I encourage you to contact me. If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact me directly at 469-867-3647 or email me. I do not charge to answer questions.

If you have questions about this article or other articles I have written, please call me 469-867-3647. There is no charge for the initial consultation.

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