Proven Tools for Building
YOUR Practice and Profits

I know how to find the “potential” in your practice and then convert it into actual dollars for you. By turning potential into measurable growth, you can be making more money within just a few months.

First-Hand Experience in Growing and Selling Practices

In 1984, Dr. Carsch purchased his first clinic in the Pacific Northwest for $76,000. He sold it 14 years later for more than $1 million in cash. He then went on to merge another practice and start a third from scratch. In addition to all of his first-hand experience, he has worked with expert consultants who have added to his knowledge of the art of being a veterinary practice owner.

Proven Tools for Building YOUR Practice and Profits

As President of Veterinary Sales and Consulting, Dr. Carsch provides consulting, strategic planning and practice preparation for sale to generate maximum income. In addition, he is the president of Fair Fees Solutions, Inc., which offers innovative software to assist veterinary practices in setting a formulated fee schedule while controlling employees labor, benefits and taxes. Fair Fees® software is endorsed for Texas veterinarians by the Texas Veterinary Medicine Association (TVMA).

A Recognized Expert in the Practice Field

YA Recognized Expert in the Practice Field, Dr. Carsch was interviewed by the Federal Trade Commission on House Resolution 1406 (“Fairness to Pet Owners Act”) and provided the financials on the damage which the bill would cause to veterinary medicine. He has been an Advisor to PetCare Television Network, an original beta tester for the Banfield Optimal Wellness Program, as well as the first consultant for Burns Veterinary Supply (later Butler Schein). His “moduled” consulting program increases practice profit by 18%.

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Randy, we appreciate all you have done to help us with the sale of Carrier Animal Hospital. The last few months have been stressful to us, but your calm demeanor and advise helped us through it.

Dr. Pat and Lynda Parker
Sale of Carrier Animal Hospital - Arlington, TX