Getting the Best Price for
YOUR Veterinary Practice

I know how to find the “potential” in your practice and then convert it into actual dollars for you. By turning potential into measurable growth, you can be making more money within just a few months.

Selling practices will become considerably harder soon.

Due to the large number of “Baby boomers” who are already starting to retire, the number of practices coming up for sale during the next five years will be the highest in the history of veterinary medicine. With so many practice owners making this important transition in such a short period of time, the law of supply and demand will inevitably come into play.

Now’s the time to search within yourself for an honest answer to this tough question: “Will the sale of my practice provide me with the financial freedom to fully enjoy my life… or will I have to continue working until I either close the doors or can only sell by financing the sale myself?”

But I’ve been in your shoes before and I know what to do.

I’m a veterinarian who has owned, built and sold practices. I’ve been in your position. I know the everyday challenges (and worries) of building the business, providing good service, dealing with staff issues and ensuring that I’m making a profit.

I can bring you prospective buyers if the time is right or help you best position your clinic for sale in the future. I’ll analyze your marketing and operations, increase your cash flow, improve efficiency and decrease your stress.

As a veterinarian consultant, I’m experienced in helping practice owners maximize the value of their biggest asset as well as helping to expedite the sale itself. You might think that with an unpredictable economy, demand is down. That’s not true for the right practice. There’s always a market for clinics which are priced correctly, perform well and have future potential.

Stop leaving money on the table and start adding profit.

Your practice is probably one of your largest assets and you’re counting on it for retirement. I’ll help you be one of those doctors with a successful exit strategy that works.

You’ve worked hard for your money. I’ll help you to both make more and also keep more. I know from experience that you’re probably leaving potential profits on the table right now. I’ll show how to change that very quickly.

Did you know that every additional dollar in annual profit can add $4-8 to your selling price? Just imagine the difference that can make in the quality of your life, for your family or for your grandchildren.

The amount of money you are leaving on the table effects all facets of your life; you, your family, your staff, purchasing new equipment, and the price of your practice.

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Read how we have helped other veterinary practice clients to develop and implement proven business systems to enhance doctor production, establish medical protocols, “get gold” out of their practice management software ( PMS ), and support their veterinarian, manager, and office staff to enjoy a team-effort approach to growing the vet practice. [We saw] improved staff morale, increased client visits overall.

Hank Snelgrove, DVM
Oak Bay Animal HospitalPort Hadlock, WA