Dr. Randy Carsch, DVM
Veterinary Practice Sales & Consulting

Dr. Randy Carsch received his DVM from Texas A&M. In addition to having been a successful veterinary practice owner and owner of multiple hospitals, Dr. Carsch has combined his knowledge of veterinary medicine with business management expertise to help other practices grow.

His strength is finding the “potential growth” in a practice and converting that potential into additional dollars resulting in significantly improved financials.

First-hand Experience in Growing and Selling Practices.

In 1984, Dr. Carsch purchased his first clinic in the Pacific Northwest for $76,000. He sold it 14 years later for more than $1 million in cash. He went on to merge another practice and start a third from scratch.

In addition to all of his first-hand experience, he has worked with expert consultants who have added to his knowledge of the art of being a veterinary practice owner.

Today, Dr. Carsch continues to provide sales, appraisals, valuations and increased profitability to veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinics throughout Texas.

Dr. Carsch’s Veterinary Hospital and Practice Expertise Includes:

  • Veterinary Practice Sales and Appraisals
  • Practice Valuations
  • Economic Modeling
  • Small Business Financial Analysis
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Practice Benchmarking and Trend Analysis
  • Process Efficiency Improvement
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Professional Accreditation

Proven Tools for Building Your Veterinary Practice Sales and Profits

Dr. Carsch is President of Veterinary Sales and Consulting which provides consulting, strategic planning and preparing veterinary practice sales to generate maximum income. He is also the President of Fair Fees Solutions, Inc., which offers innovative software to assist veterinary practices in setting a formulated fee schedule while controlling employee labor, benefits and taxes.

Fair Fees® is the only fee-setting software to be endorsed for Texas veterinarians by the Texas Veterinary Medicine Association (TVMA). His protocol modules have resulted in an average clinic gross revenue increase of 18% (as high as 40% for some hospitals). Increased gross translates to increased profit, purchasing new equipment, less stress and a stable team long-term.

A Recognized Expert in the Field of Veterinary Practice Sales and Consulting

Dr. Carsch was interviewed by the Federal Trade Commission on House Resolution 1406 (“Fairness to Pet Owners Act”) and provided the financials on the damage which the bill would cause to veterinary medicine.

He has been an Advisor to PetCare Television Network, an original beta tester for the Banfield Optimal Wellness Program, as well as the first consultant for Burns Consultative Services (later Butler Schein).

Dr. Carsch works with corporate clients to develop pilot programs for veterinary hospitals, focusing on inventory control, fee schedules as well as designing, implementing, and tracking clinic protocols.